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Experience hassle-free digital payment transactions immediately. Developed by container industry users for users.

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Why Us?


We allow you and your employees to make transactions without physical cash easily.


Automation reduces costly manpower intervention by leveraging on smart data. Pre-defined transaction rules and limits kicks in automatically without any fear of your finance department ‘forgetting’ or simply messing up. We are willing to integrate with your backend system for even seamless transactions!


Reduces risks of monetary losses due to human error or theft with an end-to-end system. Full reports of your transactions and approvals can be downloaded with just a single click for checks.


We have specifically designed the system to reduce hardware investment for easy adoption for you and your employees. Anyone can just download the app and start transacting immediately.

Product Overview

Top Up

Top up your ContainerPay wallet with a myriad of channels easily. Your wallet pool will be drawn down with customizable limits from your employee’s course of work that requires payment.


Requesting - Your employees can request for payment via our intuitive ContainerPay web portal or it can be automatically triggered by your backend management system by integrating with our APIs. Reach out to us - and we will be glad to help with the integration.


You and your team will be notified via the ContainerPay App or Email (if app is not installed) of a request to pay. Set rules for auto approval if the transaction meets certain criteria or simply review and swap right to approve!


You can withdraw all or part of your balance from ContainerPay’s wallet into your designated account anytime.


Download all transaction reports of your wallet in and outs any time with our ContainerPay Management Portal.

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